We love clean lines and a crisp look. A logo should represent your business in a simple and sleek way. Creating a icon to represent your brand in a professional manor will boost your image from day-one. Hiring a professional to help you create the right logo will make you stand out from your competition and save you the headache of trying to DIY it, without success.



We have a focus on small business website using SquareSpace. A simple to use platform so that you can update your content when it need it. If you have a business in this day in age, you require a website. Whether it be simple three to four page website or a multi-page website full of useful information, we can work with you to create something that flows nicely and represents your brand. 


logo + website

The heart of Pivot is our Logo + Website Package, designed for new businesses or small businesses looking to rebrand. Our package includes a professionally designed logo with branding page, a business card design and print, and a four page SquareSpace website designed to all work cohesively together, allowing you to put your best foot forward. Our package starts at an affordable cost and has the option for some add-ons. 


Print + Web

Printing marketing collateral, creating web images or creating social media images. All of these things play a vital roll in your business, and having them be cohesive with your logo and website just makes your brand strong. 


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